Dear Users,
Exciting new update! We’ve added a new Hotspot Control mode to our App, which allows you to control your charger through a hotspot connection without a network source. Start a new charging session and adjust the charging current and time through the App, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi available. We hope this new function will add even more flexibility to your charging needs, especially for charging on the road!

To access the new Hotspot Control mode feature:

  1. Make sure the device’s hotspot is accessible. If the device is currently connected to your home network, you will need to remove the Wi-Fi connection by [Reset Network] in the App.
  2. Update your device firmware. You can remotely upgrade the firmware in the App by tapping the update button (an arrow icon) beside your device name.
  3. Please also update your app to the latest version by scanning below QR codes.
Tips for Users – How to start charging through hotspot control

The Smart App Setup Instruction is updated as well.

If you have any questions about the new function, feel free to contact us via [email][/email].