Following a 60-day campaign that raised $50,000, the company is now prepping final production for the first batch of chargers.

Canadian-based clean energy-focused Pion Power successfully funded their Flex AC Level 1 & 2 all-in-one EV Charger via Kickstarter, raising $50,000 to help bring the product to retail.

The 7.6kW and fast charging 9.6kW models are now in final production and set to begin shipping in April and late June, respectively.

Pion Power is working to help simplify the EV ownership experience with Flex-AC: the only two-in-one charger drivers will ever need—whether on the road, at home, or in the office.

Engineered and designed in Canada, the dynamic charger (available in various case colours) is available in 7.6kW and 9.6kW models. Both are compatible with a wide voltage range between 100V to 250V, including standard household 120V, 208V, and 240V circuits.

According to the company, the chargers will be available for retail purchase in late summer, shipping across North America.

Flex-AC is the best option for electric sedan, SUV and pickup truck owners, allowing them to charge their car’s battery anywhere they go—scheduling and monitoring status with the Pion Power app through Wi-Fi or Hotspot.

Pion Power is just getting started.

Flex-AC is only the beginning for Pion Power, which launched in April 2019 with a mission to develop an ecosystem of complementary clean energy products that make a green, sustainable lifestyle achievable for everyone. Designed in Canada, the company will soon launch stacking, modular solar energy storage solutions for homes and offices and a next-generation solar system inverter via their website.

All these products, of course, are designed to make a cleaner, more efficient future for all, not only affordable but less complicated for the end user.