Canadian-Based Pion Power Releases Flex-AC, The Only EV Charger Drivers Will Ever Need

7x faster than standard chargers, the highly portable and durable Flex-AC EV Charger is launching with unbelievable early-bird deals via Kickstarter.

Electric vehicles are becoming a typical sight on roads across North America, with 5.6 million sold globally in 2021 alone (83% higher than 2020 and a 168% increase over 2019 sales). For many, the idea of having to purchase and install a home charger—which can involve hiring a licensed electrical contractor to assess their home to install the equipment—can feel cumbersome, as can the necessity of a second portable charger for use on the road.

Pion Power is working to help simplify the EV ownership experience with Flex-AC: the only two-in-one charger you’ll ever need—whether on the road, at home, or in the office.

Engineered and designed in Canada, the dynamic charger (available in various case colours) is available in 7.6kW and 9.6kW models. Both are compatible with a wide voltage range between 100V to 250V, including standard household 120V, 208V, and 240V circuits.

How does the Flex-AC stack up to competitors?

The 9.6 kW model can charge 7x faster than a typical level 1 (40 amp) charger, making it one of the fastest on the market. Additionally, it can easily switch between 100V-250V charging voltage automatically.

It also comes with a handy smart app that helps owners monitor real-time charging data and schedule charging time, allowing them to save money by only using power during off-peak hours. Not to mention, it’s tough—able to withstand drops up to a meter, weight up to 2000 kg, and any weather you can throw at it (it’s CSA and UL certified with multiple sensors to protect it from overheating).

In addition to a 22 ft reach to allow charging flexibility (even if you can’t park in your garage) and a 2-year product warranty, both Flex AC models come with 5-15P and 14-50P adaptors to accommodate different power outlets. There is also an SAE J1772 connector for maximum compatibility, no matter what model of car you own.

Going EV—an inevitability for most drivers—doesn’t mean conceding to pay higher costs. Any increase to your power bill (due to charging) is roughly 10x less than what owners currently pay for gas every month. With the price of the vehicles dropping year over year, the logistics of charging shouldn’t be complicated or break the bank.

That’s something Pion Power takes to heart, and the Flex AC is at its lowest price for a limited time.

A Kickstarter early bird special offers 42% off the retail price, meaning the 7.6 kW model is roughly $306 and the 9.6 kW model $345 after the discount.